Downloading materials

1. Click here and download the appropriate version of virtualbox for your system. Install virtualbox on your system.

2. Click Here to Download the BT5r3 VM and the XP vm.

3. Open virtualbox. Click "File" then "Import Appliance". Navigate to the place you saved the BT5r3 vm and select it. Then click "Continue". Then click "Import." Once the import finishes, repeat the steps for the XP vm.

To start either vm simply click on the VM and press Start from the virtualbox manager window. Remember that default password for root is toor on the BT5 image. The password for Administrator on the XP box is password. Try to use BT5 to figure out the passwords for the rest of the users.

Setup networking with VirtualBox

Complete the following steps with the vms powered off.

1. Click "File" then "Preferences".

2. Go to the "Network" tab and select "Host only networks"

3. Select vboxnet0 and click "Edit".

4. Select the "DHCP Server". Check the "Enable Server" box. Edit the DHCP server settings as you see fit. This will mean the virtual dhcp server will be at "Server Address" and the network it will server will have the mask specified in "Server Mask". Lower Address and Upper Address are the lowest and highest addresses your vms can have respectively.

5. Click OK, then OK again.

6. Back at the main window, right click on the BT5 vm and click Settings.

7. Select the "Network tab". Change "Attached to" to "Host-only Adapter".

8. Select vboxnet0 from the drop down box.

9. Select "Allow All" from the drop down box next to promiscuous mode to alllow your vms to talk.

10. Click OK and repeat steps 6-10 for the XP VM.

Your VMs should now be able to talk. If they do not automatically pull down the ip information, then in the XP vm type "ipconfig /renew" from the command line as the Administrator. In the BT5 vm, type "dhclient eth0" at the command line. Your vms should now have IPs in the range you established above and be able to communciate. Have fun practicing and remember to only practice against machines you own. If you have questions. Feel free to contact me.